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Majority of the parking operations in India are cash-dominated and unorganized, which makes it difficult to adopt upcoming trends like dynamic pricing, digital payments, real-time availability amongst others. In fact, parking lot owners in off and on-street spots, institutes, corporates, and residential societies are looking to adopt smart parking solutions.


ParkSmart aims to digitize India’s parking industry by providing an IoT-based solution. For parking operators, it improves the efficiency of their parking operations, enables digital payments, and provides IoT-based automation. ParkSmart is elevating the supply of digitized parking lots in the country and then going to the demand side. Its relentless focus on customer service driven by remote-controlled solutions that can be centrally operated allows for quick resolution of any problems that parking operators face with technology. It is a technology company that is playing a part in the smart city vision for the country.

For parking contractors, malls and societies; ParkSmart manages their parking lots remotely and provides them with revenue analytics,  smart alerts, auditing tools amongst others, digitizing them with real-time information. For consumers, the company improves the discoverability of parking spots by showcasing real-time availability and providing for advance booking.

ParkSmart has built a hybrid PaaS solution with IoT at its core and has digitized around 200 parking lots in Delhi, Bihar, UP, and Goa. Its robust system can digitize any sort of unorganized parking space in less than 120 seconds. It also helps public parking spaces and RWAs to manage their parking better.

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